3M Window Films allow you to bring light, heat and glare entering your building under control.

Our extensive line of films provides an elegant means for solving the most challenging aspects of energy management in your building.  3M Safety and Security Films keep the potential for forced entry and weather damage in check.

3M Film will help lower your energy costs, rejecting up to 79% of the solar heat that may otherwise pass through the glass.  By diminishing this heat, we create an interior envelope of comfort; eliminate hot spots in the building.  When controlling the sun’s heat with window film, your building’s temperature is determined by you and your air conditioning system, not the position or degree of the sun.  Also reducing energy cost by reducing the need for air conditioning use. Our films not only save energy, they save you and your interior by blocking 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.  They help protect your furnishings, drapes, carpets and woodwork from the destructive UV rays that cause fading damage. As well as protecting your skin from the dangerous UVA and UVB light.  3M films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and are warranted against Bubbling Cracking, Peeling and Fading.

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On the outside, your building will have a more pleasant uniform look. On the inside, our films greatly reduce the level of glare while actually improving the view. When you cut out the harshness of the light it allows your eyes to open and take in the vibrant colors.

The windows on your store front can be the place of vulnerability. Crime and violent weather often strike your windows first. Fortunately, you can help manage both with the same films you use to control the effects of the sun.  3M Safety and Security Window Films hold the glass together in case of a breakage, helping to prevent flying glass and dangerous shards from entering the building.  Security films also discourage smash and grab theft in an attempted break-in, when the glass doesn’t just fall out, the would-be thief usually moves on.  When you chose 3M Window Films, you can be secure in knowing your building is well protected.

ACE Window Tinting and 3M Window Films have been protecting Bend and Central Oregon community from the sun for over 30 years. We have installed film on many buildings that you most likely have visited.

Whatever your need for window film or window coating may be, the investment in ACE Window Tinting will pay for itself in a short amount of time.

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